Monday, August 28, 2006

[britain] your turn for nine questions

1] Where did Sir Francis Drake land when he once claimed California for Queen Elizabeth I of England?

2] Which British sovereign first took up residence in Buckingham Palace and what was it then known as?

3] What happened in 1857 in Britain which eased the condition of women?

4] Which great city owes its existence to a little ford?

5] You know the Bank of England's nickname but what the actual name of the woman?

6] What do 1851 and public toilets have to do with each other?

7] What ship, designed for the Hungarian emigrant service, came to the rescue of another in 1912?

8] Who created the jingle for the Star Spangled Banner?

9] In the days of Peeping Tom, what was Godiva’s real name?

Answers tomorrow morning.

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