Thursday, August 24, 2006

[blogging] 6 reasons to continue

Can’t resist the temptation to reflect.

Tomorrow marks a special occasion for me – one month since I began this blog - and therefore 23:59 today will give me my month’s stats. The Glenfiddich is at the ready [my beloved single malt can’t be bought over here] and now I’ll attempt neither to be embarrassing nor unethical:

1…First up - why blog? To put it another way, into which categories do bloggers fall? Seems to me there are five sorts:

i…those who need a blog because they are either journos, pollies or a combination of both, who have regular column inches or minutes of airtime and their hits are stratospheric. Good luck to them because they work hard at it.

ii…those selling something, e.g. are about to open a forum/blog and many other firms do the same. Then there are the specialist music blogs with info on what’s on and where.

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ScotsToryB said...


I'm trying to find a post and thought it was on your blog, can you help?

It was a take on Hamas and Hezbollah and why they do not want sovereignty. Did you post it? I cannot find it, if so. If not I'll find it and refer.