Saturday, July 29, 2006

[living] blogger of the day – samantha brett

Controversial? But of course. A phenomenon? Undoubtedly. Any woman who can get 600 or 700 comments on one of her postings is a phenomenon and it appears she’s now taking the world by storm:

"Sam and the city blog" 11 July 2006 Hindustan Times, India
"Stewth mate! We love this blog" 07 July 2006 Iol Technology, South Africa
"Sex and romance blog rides Australia's Internet dating explosion" 06 July 2006 Yahoo! News International
"At 22, Sam Brett, is one of Australia's most widely read writers." 06 July 2006 Antara News, Indonesia
"Sydney's very own Carrie Bradshaw" - Daily Telegraph.

So who is she?

Author, journalist, reviewer, text messager extraordinaire – this is
Samantha Brett. Born in South Africa but moving to Sydney, Australia, she has carved out a career, speaking on matters of love, text and sex.

What’s all the fuss about? Look at
one of her postings and you’ll get the idea:

That said, perhaps next time you reach in for the kiss, remember a few golden rules: have moist lips (although too much lip gloss is a definite turn off), keep your tongue soft (find a good balance between not too much action, but not too little), and always have slab of minty gum on hand.

For this reason alone, I wan't sure at first but gradually modified that view as I saw what she was really about. There is a lot more going down than the above.

She sometimes has upwards of 400 commenters on any one posting and testimonials are common and regular. Simply reading other people’s stories of heartache, related to your own situation, can be amazingly cathartic, something I can attest to.

There also seems to be a dating scene based around her Sydney blogs. She’s no agony aunt – that’s not her purpose - but the lady certainly has something going. What that something is, I’m still not absolutely sure about.

I’ve never seen a journo/blogger before who so assiduously answers e-mails, encourages feedback to the extent she does and who charms you to this degree. She has her detractors, to be sure, her vilifiers, and they can be found on the internet; and their vitriol convinces me they’ve never dealt with the lady on the personal front. Does she worry? She has too many other things to do.

This is one serious achiever.


Anonymous said...

to quote tony soprano, "who the fuck are you kidding...?"

james higham said...

Can you be more specific?

Anonymous said...

Come on, the girl has the IQ of lint. She does nothing except copy a whole bunch of quotes from other people, then get other people to give advice. It's the most blatant scam I've ever seen, but no one is standing up and saying "Hey, wait a minute!"

Lord Straf-Dresden said...


Anonymous said...

to be perfectly honest - sam brett is all fine and dandy - but if you want an intelligent insight into sex, love , dating and relationships you'd be well advised to read CityKat by katherine feeney on Fairfax's
She's far more insightful than Sam and her blogs carry much more depth. She's young though - only 20 - one to watch for sure

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Thanks for that and I'll check her out.