Friday, July 28, 2006

[living] blogger of the day - clive davis

Clive Davis was first described to me, by one commenter, in this way:

You can get tons of comments simply by saying something inflammatory about the Middle East - but almost all those comments will be worthless or worse. By contrast, a good post that conveys interesting facts might get no comments at all. Clive Davis and Tim Worstall, for example, get far fewer comments … but they're much better bloggers.

That’s the starting point for this mini-profile of Clive Davis. On his own site, under ‘About’, he gives this as the reason he blogs:

Because I'm opinionated, hate pitching ideas to editors over the phone and love the wide open, un-cliquey spaces of the blogosphere.

Here he is in action:

For one thing, conservative bloggers still tend to be more tolerant of dissent than their left-wing counterparts, many of whom are about as much fun as superannuated members of the Militant Tendency. More importantly, if American bloggers often take a superficial view of Europe (we all sit on street corners begging, apparently) Europeans must take some of the blame. There simply aren’t enough of us out there working the internet.

Clive Davis has seen the future … and it blogs.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I hadn't heard of him but will certainly be visiting his site now. Thanks, James.

james higham said...

My, you do dig deep, Welshcakes.