Thursday, July 27, 2006

[editorial] 10 things not to do in a blog

Clive Davis brought to our attention this:

Jean-Remy von Matt, the CEO of a German advertising agency … called blogs "the toilet walls of the internet". "What on earth", he asked, "gives every computer-owner the right to express his opinion, unasked for?"

If it was meant to be smiled at, this comment, alas I think, in my case, it may be justified. Yesterday in my enthusiasm to get off the ground, I committed ... read more and comment here.


chris said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!
I don't think any of these 10 are serious sins. The only sin in blogging is to be boring.
In particular, please, please don't measure the success of your blog by the number of comments.
You can get tons of comments simply by saying something inflammatory about the Middle East - but almost all those comments will be worthless or worse. By contrast, a good post that conveys interesting facts might get no comments at all.
Clive Davis and Tim Worstall, for example, get far fewer comments than Harry's Place, but they're much better bloggers.

james higham said...

Thanks Chris. Especially at this early stage, that helps.

Anonymous said...

We have 'to shamelessly speak' in this post, and 'to vigorously defend' and 'to ruthlessly root out' at the top of the page where everyone will see them.

Split infinitives are never necessary and set many teeth on edge. Kindly amend.

james higham said...

Point taken. Shall do immediately.

Anonymous said...

I feel Grammaticus Imperious misses the point. Good writing stimulates, amuses, shifts our perspectives and offers new insights well before it serves as a technically correct exercise in good English, unless of course the audience is intellectually myopic.
I like your writing James and I back that up by including a link to this excellent site.
BTW Grammaticus, you can still say who you are and include a link by using 'a' tags... you don’t have to register or hide...